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  • Prefix: Bentley
  • Society Flock Code: 239
  • Breeder: TC & CA Harding
  • MV Accredited Flock
  • Performance Recorded Flock

About Bentley Flock
Bentley Flock has been a member of the Suffolk Sheep Society since 1960.
Based in Warwickshire, the Bentley flock has been breeding pedigree Suffolk sheep since 1960. In those 60 years we have won breed championships at events such as the Royal Show and the National Sale. We were one of the first flocks to performance record, CT Scan, Test for Myomax and try NZ genetics.In the past decade and influenced by our customers, we have selected heavily for functional traits such as Lambing Ease, Vigour and Suckling ability. We have combined that with a focus on growth, muscling and breed type on a forage only system.
We are able to export and visitors are welcome (under usual conditions!)

Contact Details
Name: Charles & Matt Harding
Mobile: +44 (0)79 2108 2340
Email: farm@bentleysuffolks.co.uk
Website: www.bentleysuffolks.co.uk

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