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  • Prefix: WHICHFORD
  • Society Flock Code: C18
  • Breeder: Bruce & Ruth Cook
  • Performance Recorded Flock (Click here for Signet Performance Recording Breeding Details)
  • MV Accredited Flock
  • Suffolk Sheep Society Member since 1926

About Whichford Flock
Based in Warwickshire, the Whichford flock has been breeding pedigree Suffolk sheep since 1926 with Bruce now the third generation of Cook’s owning and managing the flock. For over 90 years Whichford has been a major player in the pedigree suffolk world. Whichford has been performance recording its flock since 1972 and are strong advocates of using recording to ensure that they are developing the key traits most desirable to the commercial farmer in a terminal sire.
In the past three decades Whichford have selected heavily for traits such as Muscle depth, growth rate and Maternal ability at the same time making sure the type of sheep we are producing is structurally sound and working well for the commercial man.
All the sheep are reared on a grass system with a minimal amount of feed and a combined bolus to ensure they have all the nutrients required for natural growth.

Whichford would be delighted to hear from you and is able to export. Visitors are always welcome (under usual conditions!)

Contact Details
Name: Bruce
Mobile: +44 (0)7805 129 596
Email: bruce@recruitmoveover.com

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whichford

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